Byd Glyndŵr Departments Directory.

Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr.
Ffôn: 01792 533806 M: 07787926981

Our work for Owain Glyndŵr advances through a number of Departments and therein, many initiatives and projects of which we inform on below:

Cenedl Glyndŵr
http://cenedl.blogspot.com Commemorative Work.

Ogof Glyndŵr
http://ogofglyndwr.blogspot.com Folkore, Myth and Mystery.

Teyrnas Glyndŵr http://teyrnas.blogspot.com Living History Interpretation.

Croniclau Glyndŵr http://croniclauglyndwr.blogspot.com History Archive.
also in development with in this area
Coleg Glyndŵr & Academi Glyndŵr Educational work.

Glyndŵr Visions http://glyndwrvisions.blogspot.com Foto & Film.

For Information on Embassy Glyndŵr -
Cenedl Glyndŵr - International Consular Service.

and, Glyndŵr Foundation International - in development.
Hopefully, having explored the areas of our work in these departments you will be encouraged to give support to our Achos Glyndŵr and work with us to develop and advance the ambitions we shall set out within this
Byd Glyndŵr Blog.
Siân Ifan: Byd Glyndŵr International Director
and C.E.O. Embassy Glyndŵr.
Juratus Oweyn.